Richness are the reason behind Qatar and Turkey’s provocation to conflicts in southern Libya

Southern Libya is rich in resources and oil
it actually contains almost 70% of the country’s richness
which makes it more vulnerable to foreign interventions,
particularly interventions from Qatar and Turkey
Qatar plays an important role in Libyan tribal dispute
it provided money to set a deal between the Touareg and the Toubou in 2015
and backed via the media the threat of separation of the two tribes in 2017
It also offered military support to the Qadhadfa and Toubou alliance
and succeeded in controlling Tamanhint air base
Qatar and Turkey have helped by a group of Libyan terrorist Ibrahim Al-Jadhran,
who controlled the oil crescent next to the towns of Sidra and Ras Lanouf,
as southern Libya is for the Turks a buried treasure
since it includes unexploited mineral resources like gold and uranium

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